Friday, May 26, 2017

33 Weeks

Put your hands in the air if you're excited!
Crew is just as excited as us for our annual Memorial trip down to Florida! Let's hope he stays this excited and happy during our six hour drive!

Friday, May 19, 2017

32 Weeks

We finally had his six month appointment (at seven months).

Here are his stats:
Height: 28.5 in (90th percentile)
Weight: 16lbs 15oz (21st percentile)
Head circumference: 45 cm (76th percentile)

The doctor was slightly concerned that he had dropped on the curve for his weight so we have to go in for another weight check in 4 weeks. I'm not too concerned. This happened with Nixon, and I think it's just that I need to bump up his solids a little bit. Other than that, he said everything looked great!

Now that he's much more mobile, crawling, pulling up, maneuvering between the couch and chair, he's become much more accident prone. He got his first real wound. We were at church and he was crawling around in the nursery. He had pulled up on his knees on the leg of a stable table, so I didn't worry too much. I was blowing bubbles for the kids when I hear a cry. I looked over and saw he bonked the leg. I tried to console him thinking he'll stop as soon as I pick him up. And he did, but there it was, blood coming from his face. As he was trying to get back down to a crawling position, he scraped his face on a screw head on the inside of the leg that I couldn't see. I felt so bad. Luckily he wasn't maimed too bad, but I could tell it was tender for the first couple days. I guess it begins again. 

Friday, May 12, 2017

31 Weeks

How sweet is this face? I'll tell you, super sweet. He has the best smile and loves when I come into his room in the mornings. His face lights up and does his big open mouth smile. He truly has the softest skin. It's so buttery. People ask me what I put on him, but the once or twice a week I bathe him, I put on Johnson's nighttime lotion. Other than that, it's all natural and I love it.

Crew is anti-snuggling and pro-wiggling. This kid will not sit still for the life of me! I'm a little nervous for our trip to Idaho this year!

Also, drumroll......... We've got a crawler! I knew he was days from crawling last week. He crawled for the first time on the 7th. He still prefers army crawling because it's faster, but he's got it down. Thank heavens though, his shirts were getting dingy from army crawling. Now his pants knees are going to be done for. Such is life, he's crawling!

Friday, May 5, 2017

30 Weeks

Happy Cinco De Mayo and 30 weeks to Crew! Unfortunately no tacos for him.

We are literally on the brink of crawling! He has now learned to climb on top of things- diaper boxes, train bin, Nixon's bed and trampoline. I usually let him play in Nixon's room because there's nothing back there he could get hurt on, until I hear a thud and cry come from the room. I run to the back to see what happened. I was initially angry because I thought Nixon had pushed him over, but after some investigative questioning, I realized Crew had climbed on the little trampoline in the room and had tried to pull himself up and fell over. Needless to say I've been a little more cautious! We are literally days from crawling, I just know it.

Friday, April 28, 2017

29 Weeks

Crew is 29 weeks today and not only are we celebrating another week for this guy, but it's also Nixon's birthday today!

Crew is pulling up on everything! His new favorite item is the Bumbo. He's able to stay on his knees, which gives him the stability he needs, but it's also the perfect height for bouncing up and down while holding on to it. He's also doing great sleeping still. I credit the Woombie. Nixon had it and slept great, and now Crew does too. And who doesn't love a burrito baby? They're my favorite

Friday, April 21, 2017

28 Weeks

You would think after having such a successful week of firsts, he would be a little happier. Apparently it's just a little overwhelming. He had his first Easter and his first haircut! The Alfalfa curl had to go. It was getting a little ridiculous, especially when he has very little hair everywhere else. I hate that it's blurry, but that hair and face. He melts me. But that hair seriously had to go, so I chopped it. I promise, it is much better!
He also tried carrots for the first time, which was another success. I usually keep track of the first couple foods and then too many start being introduced so I stop recording it, but I'll continue to feed him new foods. He'll probably like most and hate some, and that's fine with me. I'm the same way!

I have to say, he's definitely been a harder baby, but his open mouth, tongue out grin.. I mean come on! He's adorable!

Friday, April 14, 2017

27 Weeks

This kid is 27 weeks and he is getting too big way too fast! He's so much quicker to do the things that took Nixon much longer to do (second child syndrome). This week he legitimately pulled himself up on the dishwasher! I look over and see him standing there, proud as can be. I panicked slightly because he was wearing footie pajamas and I didn't want him to slip and smack his face (my kid's luck). 
We now only place the knives in the most inside. I have a feeling this kid is going to give me a run for my money. I am definitely not ready for him to be this mobile yet, because he is fast!

Friday, April 7, 2017

26 Weeks

Crew is months! He is still loving his jumper and has jumped himself to sleep a few more times. He's also wanting to crawl. He's definitely getting close! He's up on his hands and knees and rocking back and forth. Those knees just need to come in a little more parallel and he'll be on the move before we know it!

He's had green beans for the first time and did pretty well. Whenever I introduce new foods, I always mix it in with the oatmeal so it's not a brand new texture and taste. I also always make sure to warm up the foods that you would typically eat warm. Who wants to eat cold green beans? I mean if they're right out of the garden sure, but that's beside the point.

We don't have his 6 month appointment until next month actually because they decided to do his appointment and Nixon's 3 year appointment at the same time. So no new stats, but look at that face. He's so squishy. We love him.

Friday, March 31, 2017

25 Weeks

We have reached the pterodactyl stage, and I kind of love it. It's a little worse during church, but just at home, he can screech all he wants. We've also introduced him to a Johnny Jumper and he is in love! We figured it was time. A couple of people held him during church last week and asked if we owned one because he jumps like crazy and has such strong legs. I had tried it a month or two ago, and it was clearly too early, but not anymore! This kid will jump for hours if we let him. We've even had him jump himself to sleep. It was honestly one of the cutest things I've seen. Crew is smiley and personable, and people love to be around him.

Friday, March 24, 2017

24 Weeks

Watch out NASCAR, Crew is coming!! It seems like he was rolling around and now he is "crewsing." (I have fun with all the play on words I can do with his name.) But seriously, this kid is so fast, I can't take my eyes off of him or his in the kitchen, eating paper that I didn't even know what in his vicinity, or eating computer cords. I don't know what his draw is to them, but my heaven's, the cords!!! I'm half tempted to buy some cords, somehow finish them off on the ends, and give them as a chew toy because he could care less about actual toys. (I'm not actually going to..)

He's also finally in the crib full time! We started doing nap time in the crib because there had been a few too many close calls on our bed of him getting to the edge. He needs to be contained. It's been going pretty well. Although, there was a late night where we listened to Penatonix, Hallelujah about 10 times before I snuck out of the room. It's weird, with Nixon we would let him cry because we were in a top apartment with no side neighbors, but here, we have neighbors on both sides and above and Nixon sleeping, so we're a little more cautious of letting him cry it out (although there are definitely times we do).

I love when kids hit milestones, it makes me excited for them.

Friday, March 17, 2017

23 Weeks

Looking at this face you would never know that he's had croup, or "Crewp" as we call it, all week. There was a nasty bug that started with one of the cousin and it kind of spread like wildfire (what can you expect when you have 20+ people in a house sharing toys, touching door handles, coughing/sneezing). We figured it was inevitable the boys would get something.

Fast forward to the beginning of the week and he had the barking cough and strider, but was his happy energetic self. I didn't want to take him in if they were just going to tell me put him in a room with steam, run a humidifier at night, etc. I called the nurses line and not 15 seconds into me explaining the situation, she hear Crew in the back and said I needed to bring him in. We took him in, the doctor listened for a couple seconds and knew it was croup, sent in a prescription for an oral steroid and sent us on our way. Within about 8 hours of the steroid the strider had almost gone away completely. After a few days, he was good to go. His sleeping has taking a toll for the worse, but he's healthy now. Right now, that's all that matters.

Friday, March 10, 2017

22 Weeks

Crew is five months! I can't believe how fast things are going with him. Maybe it felt this fast with Nixon too, but it feels crazy fast this time around. I assume it's because I have two growing at rapid speed now. Crew is already fitting into some of his 6-12 month clothes!
With all of Ethan's family in town, he also got to meet his Great Grandma Nuni. He was all smiles for her, and she ate it up! Speaking of family in town, this kid was an absolute dream considering we were out all hours of the night hanging out with family, limited naps, and lots of kids running around causing chaos. I'm sure we'll be paying for it all next week, but family is always a priority!

Friday, March 3, 2017

21 Weeks

Things have been pretty quiet this week, but they're about to ramp up because Ethan's brother Jared and his family are coming into town! We haven't seen them since our beach trip in September, so we're super excited to see them!

Crew is starting to show signs of mobility and I'm a little nervous. It's been a while since I've had a mobile baby in my house. One thing that I remember is once they start moving, it's a whirlwind for the next year of protecting them, and everything in the house!

Friday, February 24, 2017

20 weeks

This was a big week for this guy. He had his first real food - oatmeal!! It's always hard to tell if babies like their first food. It's a different taste, texture, temperature.. It's just a new experience so they're not sure how to feel about it. He didn't refuse it though, so I'm calling it a success. We'll do oatmeal for a couple weeks and then we'll start introducing vegetables (I was told to do that first, because who wants to eat vegetables after tasting the sweet nectar of fruits?).

This was also his first time going to a movie. Ethan had a couple of days off, so we wanted to do some family things together. Nixon has never been to a movie (that he remembers) so we decided to hit up the cheap theater and watch Moana. Crew slept through most of it and enjoyed jumping on my lap for the last 30 minutes of the movie.

Friday, February 17, 2017

19 Weeks

Crew is such a good and sweet baby. I love getting him up in the mornings. His smile is contagious. He has all of us wrapped around his finger, especially his older brother. Nixon is always trying to play with him and share with him. He always wants to go talk to him before I get him from his nap too. 

He's started pulling his knees up and pushing his head against the ground. When Nixon was doing that, I was sure he would be crawling any day, but I'm a veteran mom now. I know we still have a LONG ways before that'll happen, and I'm totally ok with that. 

He's been reach and pulling at things for a while now, so I thought it was time to get him a little pull down toy for his carseat. Nixon had one, and loved it, so I bought the same one, except his is an owl instead of a frog. I was so excited to put it on his carseat and have him start playing with it, so I put it on the minute it came in the mail. 

We went to Ethan's basketball game that night and I put him in his carseat. While I was putting on my shoes, he pulled down on the leg. It started vibrating up, and he staring hysterically crying, inconsolable for almost 10 minutes! It wasn't until I tried pulling it down for him again that I realized it was the owl's fault. I wanted him to like it so much though, that I've been having him play with it while just on the floor, without it vibrating and it's paid off. He now loves the owl. 

Kids are so finicky. 

Friday, February 10, 2017

18 Weeks

Four months?? How can he already be four months! 
It's interesting to me how different Crew and Nixon's stats are. I know every child is different, but I would have just assumed that the two boys would be more similar.

Height: 25.7 in (73rd Percentile)
Weight: 15 lb 8 oz (50th Percentile)
Head Circumference: 42.8 cm (82nd Percentile)

He had to get some shots, but this time I had a baby YouTube video playing and didn't even flinch with the first one. The second one got a little bit more of a reaction, but the second I picked him up he was great! He's tough! Just like with Nixon, they said he's fairly advanced with how mobile and strong he is, and that we can start him on some solids. We'll see how that goes!

For some reason I feel like time is going much faster with him than it did with Nixon. I swear, somedays I look at him and think, didn't I just get home from the hospital with him? But no.. it's been four months. While some of those weeks felt like they lasted an eternity, after they've passed, it feels like I've barely blinked.

This past week we finally got a real gut giggle out of him and I was LOVING it!!! I would have to say that's one of my most favorite things about babies is their giggle. First it sounds like they're in pain, but then they let it all out and it's a high shrill of joy.

He wakes up almost every morning around 8:00. Nixon is usually still sleeping, so every morning, I bring him into my room to nurse. After he's done, I lay in the bed with him and he makes the sweetest cooing sounds. He just stares at me with his big green eyes and eventually drifts back to sleep. I love those moments with him. It's moments like that that I never want to forget.

Friday, February 3, 2017

17 Weeks

That smile! He has such a sweet smile. He smiles with his whole face! Crew's still sleeping like a champ, loves to watch his older brother play around him, loves to be bounced, loves to stand, and loves to roll all over the place. It's so fun watching him grow and learn new things almost daily. We sure love our Crewman.

Friday, January 27, 2017

16 Weeks

Look how scrumptious his thighs and cheeks are! Don't you just want to gobble him up!
Since he's rolling all over, he's getting harder and hard to contain. Ethan and I forgot how much babies get into things. He is obsessed with our laptop charger cord. He can be across the room, and he'll make his way over and find the cord to chew on.

He's also very vocal. Ethan usually has him in church because it's harder for me to have him in primary. But I always see him in the hallways walking around because Crew talks and talks. He's not crying, it's just hard to have a spiritual discussion when when he's gabbing.

He's constantly gnawing on his fingers, our fingers, toys and anything else he can get in his mouth. I keep looking for teeth coming through, but nothing so far (thank heavens!!). He's got a pretty good bite too..

He is so sweet, and has such a sweet smile. He adds such a sweetness to our family.

Friday, January 20, 2017

15 Weeks

He did it! Crew has rolled over.. and rolls, and rolls, and rolls. He is pretty darn proud of himself if you can't tell. I can't tell you how different our lives are now that we're all getting better sleep. He is so happy and smiley every day and it melts my heart. He is so sweet and has a very good temperament. When he's unhappy you'll know, but he usually is hungry or tired. He takes great naps during the day (being put down awake) and coos and smiles when I come and get him. Nixon continues to give him lots of loves everyday, and also enjoys getting Crew with me in the morning (making sure to give him his daily kiss on his head). Seeing the two of them together.. puddles.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017


A couple Sundays ago we were sitting in sacrament meeting in church. Nixon was sitting on Dwayne's lap as the sacrament was being passed around. The water got to our pew and Nixon was wanting to get his own water cup. He's quite independent, so I let him do it himself. As he was drinking the water, he spilled a good amount all over himself. To me it wasn't a big deal because it was water and would dry, but as the water continued down the row I saw Nixon's eyes tear up. He was so embarrassed. My heart broke for him as I sat and watched the disappointment and embarrassment eat him up. I couldn't help but tear up myself.

That was probably one of the first times I've ever really looked into his future and thought how I don't want him to ever experience this again. I never want him to feel these feelings again. I wanted to pick him up, snuggle him in close and tell him how much I loved him and how proud I am of him. But I just looked over to him, caught his eyes and smiled. He gave me a pity smile and sat quietly the rest of the meeting.

I know this isn't going to be the last time something like this happens, I just hope the next time I can be there to give him a hug and tell him I love him.

Friday, January 13, 2017

14 Weeks

Look at that crinkled up nose with that open mouth. This is what I get to see everyday. This happy big boy has finally upgraded to size 2 diapers! It's nice to be cleaning up less blowouts, that for sure.

We went on our first long trip (8 hour round trip in 24 hours), and he was a CHAMP! The drive up he slept some, but it wasn't until the last 20 minutes that he started fussing, but it wasn't anything that couldn't be remedied by youtube baby videos. We were a little anxious about changing his sleeping arrangements by sleeping in a hotel, so we brought his beanbag (Nixon is still in the crib, but at least Crew's not on the floor like his brother was at this age), and the sound machine and he was a dream. Slept just like at home. The drive back was just as uneventful, and we appreciated it. A quick trip like that is hard on everyone, but he took it in stride and did amazing!

Friday, January 6, 2017

13 Weeks

Another big week for Crew. He had his first New Year's Eve! Uneventful, but still, it's a milestone! I'm no longer skeptical, this boy is legitimately sleeping through the night, and the fog has pretty much lifted and I'm doing so much better! That makes for a happier household for all! His mouth may not show it, but his eyes sure do. He's just as happy as the rest of us. I love our little Crew, and I'm constantly reminded how fast all of this goes, and I finally feel like I'm at a good place and am able to really enjoy him.

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

2017 Primary Theme- Free Printables!

A new year and a new primary theme! I know it's a little late, but for those who still need something, this is for you!
Just like last year, I've included a binder cover, 5x7 print, 4x6 print, and the logo shield (with a transparent background) to use and print as you'd like. 

Remember, these are all free for personal use. Enjoy!!

Download 2017 Primary Theme Binder Cover
Download 2017 Primary Theme 5x7 Printable
Download 2017 Primary Theme 4x6 Printable
Download 2017 Primary Theme Logo

Download All 2017 Primary Theme Files