Thursday, November 2, 2017

Halloween- Take 2

We dressed up as Greasers for our ward trunk-or-treat. I had full intention on dressing up again on the actual night of Halloween. The problem was that it was going to be colder than it was previously which would mean the boys would need to be in long sleeves. Unfortunately we didn't have leather jackets or I would have run with it, so I decided (after seeing how miserable Nixon was at the fact that all the other kids were super heroes and he wasn't at the trunk-or-treat) to let him choose what he wanted to be for trick-or-treating. We settled on a stormtrooper because we have the mask, and his cousin Owen had the outfit to match. 
 Emmett was the Tin Man, Owen was Thor, and of course Nixon was a stormtrooper.  With Nixon dressing up as something else, I had to pull other costumes together.

Say hello to Mr. Smee.
And of course, we couldn't skip out on the fun. I whipped up our signs in illustrator about 5 minutes before we left. 
We had such a fun time trick-or-treating down in Fort Mill with all of the family, and all the kids loved going with their cousins. I love being around so many cousins, it makes holidays just a little more special.