Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Catching up

I thought it may be a good idea to catch up on what's been going on our lives. I've let the blog slip a bit and I feel like the only things I've been updating on is the pregnancy and design work.

So what has life been as of late? Nothing too grand to be honest. Ethan has been working hard in school and has been doing awesome. He has a couple of classes that take up a good majority of time, but he's been able to manage them. He was working for KSL and was doing really well, but he decided to quit so he could focus on finishing strong in school and getting things together for Precoa. There is some licensing he has to work on and a couple of tests before he can start the job in April.

As for me, I've just been working still and counting down the days until we start our new chapter, which looks like it will be in Southern California. I've also been trying to do some more design work to earn a little money on the side, and hopefully continue once I'm no longer working.

I've tried to remain as calm as possible about this little guy coming as well. Luckily, working full-time, it allows me to not constantly think about how unprepared we really are for this baby! Luckily, a couple of weeks ago, a couple friends of mine threw me a baby shower and it was awesome! It's fun to see all of the cute and fun things that people got us! What's even more fun is I have another one coming up! I feel so loved.

We've finally hit the one month mark until graduation and we are excited and sad at the same time. It's hard to leave this place that has been home for both of us for so many years. We will definitely miss all of the friends here, and the town in general. We've enjoyed our time here, but we're excited to see what the future has in store for us. Who knows, maybe our kids will want to come here and we'll have an excuse to come back and visit!

We're in the final stretch and we're definitely feeling the pressure. Just one month. Just one!

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

31 Weeks

How far along? 31 weeks

How big is baby? According to my pregnancy app, he's about 16 in and about 3.3 pounds (size of a coconut).

Total weight gain/loss:  I think I'm at about 30 lbs. :/

Maternity clothes? Some. It's easier just to wear what I already have instead of buying maternity clothes.

Sleep: Sleeping great.

Best moment this week: Went to a bachelorette party for one of my friends. So excited for her! Also, it looks like we may be on our way to Southern California! Nothing is set in stone, but there's a good chance!

Movement: All the time, and he always sits on the right side.

Food cravings:  Nope

Food Aversions: Nope

Gender: It's a boy

Labor Signs:  Nope!

Pregnancy Symptoms:  It's getting a little more uncomfortable to sit for extended periods of time.

Belly Button in or out? It's pretty much flat now..

What I miss:  Jeans, basketball, not having a belly that sticks out.

What I am looking forward to: Seeing how Ethan's interview goes!

Upcoming appointments/events:  Heading home for a weekend for my baby shower and then taking a trip to California (crossing our fingers)!

Milestones: I have now officially had people say it looks like a cute little basketball! 

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Happy Girls

Going with the thoughts of working on self-worth and confidence, I've been thinking about how exhausting it is to be stressed and frustrated so often. I was skimming through different articles and reading different things here and there and I came across a quote that I've heard before but it hit me a little harder this time.
I'm hoping that I can continue to practice this, because no one wants to be around an unhappy person!

Friday, March 7, 2014

Who am I?

This is a question I've been having for a while now. I don't know if it's because of all of the changes that will be happening in the next two months or if it's been something that has been on my mind for a while but I'm just now getting to the point where I want to know.

In my quest to find myself, I have been surprised to find just how lost I have been in knowing who I am whether it's understanding why I like the things I do, or why I struggle believing things that I have "known" since I was little.

I did a little exercise of writing down the positive and negatives of who I am. The first thing I wrote down on my list was that I was a daughter of God, because of course that's part of who I am, right? As I was discussing this with a friend, they asked me what it meant for me to be a daughter of God. I was at a loss for words. How was I supposed to know that? It's just something you say because you "know" it's true. I honestly couldn't answer the question.

They then went on to discuss that this principle that I struggle to understand and accept could be a big part of why I've struggled most of my like with a lack of self-worth and self-confidence. I never would have thought that would have been a reason in any way. But, they more they discussed it with me, the more it made sense to me.

If I truly believed and understood what it means to be a daughter of God, that feeling of lacking in worth and confidence, would minimize, if not completely remove those negative feelings. Not to say that I wouldn't have my struggles, but maybe it would help me be a little happier and feel like I was worth a lot more than I do.

I've made it a goal to study this and try and truly understand, believe and accept this principle that I am a daughter of God and have great worth. Will it take some time? Most likely. Will it be hard? Possibly. But I know that I want to be able to teach my children that they are children of God and that they have worth above anything else. How can I teach that if I don't believe/apply that for myself? The best way to teach is by example.

I found this quote during some of reading and I thought it was perfect. I may even print this up and put it in my house somewhere I can see it everyday.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

30 Weeks

How far along? 30 weeks

How big is baby? According to my pregnancy app, he's about 15.7 in and almost 3 pounds (size of a head of cabbage).

Total weight gain/loss:  I honestly don't know what I'm at.

Maternity clothes? For the most part. I still wear some of my skirts and t-shirts.

Sleep: I wake up about once a night, but I'm wondering if it's because I'm going to bed earlier, so my body wakes up earlier.

Best moment this week: Having two days off because I was sick.

Movement: All the time.

Food cravings:  Nope

Food Aversions: Nope

Gender: It's a boy

Labor Signs:  Nope!

Pregnancy Symptoms:  Definitely harder to breath and sing!

Belly Button in or out? It's fighting it's way out.

What I miss:  A pair of jeans I love.

What I am looking forward to: Still waiting to find out where we will be moving so I can start researching homes and doctors. 

Upcoming appointments/events:  I have an appointment tomorrow.

Milestones: 30 weeks. That means I have 10 weeks (or less)!!