Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Nixon's first snow

It wasn't much (we're supposed to be getting MUCH more tonight), but it snowed. Nixon obviously wanted to go outside and try it out!
We don't really have snow clothes for him, so he sat on a tote lid. It let him experience the snow, without really having to get in it.
He wasn't so sure about in, in fact, he really didn't like it much.
He did however love eating it along with the rocks and twigs, but it was just a little too cold for him to enjoy for any length of time. I don't blame him though, I was a little chilled too!

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Baby it's COLD outside!

What do you do when it's FREEZING outside and your heater stops running at full efficiency? You dress for the occasion!
Thanks to my sister-in-law Jandi for the adorable and warm hat! It makes me smile every time I see him in it!

Thursday, February 19, 2015

42 Weeks

Nixon is 42 weeks and I think we're finally over the major spit up phase thank Heavens! It's also been super cold here, so we've mostly stayed in the house. I'm pretty sure he'll never really walk or crawl so I keep telling him he's just going to be the 12 year old that army crawls everywhere since he doesn't want to move more efficiently. ;) He's thrown more tantrums which I'm not really into, but he's also still so sweet it's hard to stay frustrated with him for too long. 

Wednesday, February 18, 2015


If anyone has ever been to North Carolina, they've probably seen a Bojangles'.

It's known for it's fried chicken and biscuits. I had never actually been to one before so we thought we would give it a shot!

We were told by our friends here that we had to get the chicken supreme combo, so that's what we got. For a chicken tender meal, it was pretty good but both of us agreed we'd take an In N' Out cheeseburger over it any day! Oh how I miss that place!!!