Tuesday, March 24, 2015

47 Weeks

Nixon is cruising! It's amazing how fast he went from army crawling, to crawling, to speed crawling! I swear, if he knows I'm going to take him away from something he's wanting, he bolts! This also poses a problem because of how fast he can crawl upstairs now. The other day I had him in the den downstairs and I went upstairs to grab something real quick. By the time I was coming back down, there he was at the top of the stairs beaming with pride! Luckily, he comes back down almost as well as he goes up. 
(This was a different time)

He has been feeding himself a lot more these days and he loves it! He loves to squish it between his fingers and then shove it all in his mouth. His hands are also little traps for all sorts of things: Chex, Cheerios, paper, twigs/leaves (as shown in his weekly picture this week). Sometimes it'll be 30 minutes after we've been somewhere, but there in his little tight grip is his little treasure. If only we could find a money farm to go to!!!

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Beautiful day calls for a walk

The other day was absolutely beautiful!! I had these two little guys again, so after morning naps and lunch, we headed out to the neighborhood. This neighborhood is actually fantastic for going on walks. There are lots of different streets, uphill, downhill-the whole shibang. 
We were also joined by my gorgeous friend Rylee, which made the day even better. We've had so much fun getting to know her and her husband better and can wait for some more fun outings together!

Monday, March 16, 2015

46 Weeks

How is it that in six weeks we'll have a one year old?? This kid is always on the move. He's definitely realized that crawling is much more efficient than his previous army crawling he was doing. It takes about three times as long to get his weekly picture now, which makes it less and less appealing. He's rolling away, crawling, crying-you name it, that's what he'd rather be doing than taking a picture.

This stage, although sometimes infuriating, is SO much fun. He's learning all the time, and definitely enjoys feeding himself. This kid has one of the biggest mouths and stuffs his entire fist, along with all the food he can hold, in it. It's pretty entertaining to watch. It's almost as if he's proud of the amount of food he can put in. As well you should be buddy, be proud!

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Two little friends

These two have gotten to spend some time together with consignment season going on.
They have a little bit of a love/hate relationship. Nixon is so loud and up in Emmett's (my nephew) grill, which causes Emmett to avoid him at most costs. On the other hand, Emmett is in the stage of swinging and throwing objects, which tends to end with someone (Nixon) getting whopped because he's in Emmett's personal space. Other than that, these two are starting to play better together and it's fun watching them.