Thursday, October 23, 2014

Sweet boy

Is that not the most precious face? He melts me. 

Monday, October 20, 2014

25 Weeks

Today Nixon is as many weeks old as I am years! The weather here is still beautiful so we're able to spend some time outside, which we enjoy. He's not so much a fan of grass, but who would be when it touches your bare skin? Look at that lip.
He's also getting in to the Halloween spirit. If I would have know how keen his was on pirates, I may have taken that route for the costume. Maybe next year..

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Louisiana trip- Part 5

Monday was the day that all of us were trying to avoid. It was the day we had to say goodbye. I had uploaded the pictures from Sunday to my laptop so I could see them on a bigger screen. My heart sunk to my stomach when I realized that 90% of the pictures I had taken were blurry. I had my camera set on a low f-stop because I'm usually taking pictures of only one or two people.

Needless to say, I was NOT going to leave without getting more pictures! So, we set up shop in their front yard and took some more!
I would say one of my favorite things about this entire trip was to see the love that these two had for each other. I can't even count how many times Archie would learn over to Loretta and say (with his adorable souther accent), "I love you baby!" Without fail, Loretta would say back, "I love you too." The best was when she would add to that, "But I'm not sure why." That is the kind of love I hope to have when we're 80 years old. 
Five generations
Ethan was also able to spend some time with his grandpa in the infamous shop that I've heard all about.

His grandpa always said, having the right tool makes any job easier. I have a feeling no job was too hard based on the amount of tools he had! He was also able to help his grandpa cut and weld a basket for the freezer back together. I have no doubt that both of them enjoyed working together on that little project.
As we were saying our last goodbyes before we got in the car for the airport, I had to get one last picture.
Louisiana was good to us. Until next time. 

Friday, October 17, 2014

Louisiana trip- Part 4

Sunday morning, we went back to Robeline for an event called Homecoming.
It's a day where the families, that have family members in this little privately owned cemetery, get together at this tiny little church and have a little sermon, a business meeting regarding the cemetery funds, and they finish it off with a potluck.
The sermon was very nice and talked about the notion of a new day. It was uplifting and made me reflect on what I need to be doing with each new day that I am given. After a closing prayer was given, the business meeting was started.

Every person (about 30 people) stood up and said where they were from and essentially how they were related to those in the meeting. They went over the finances of the cemetery and how the funds were used for that year. It was so interested to see how the whole process worked and to see these amazing people, who are very humble people from little money, come together and donate money to keep this cemetery up and running.

We finished up with a delicious potluck which had some food that was pretty good. There was this white bean and chicken chili that was delicious! For dessert they had this lemon pound cake, that was amazing. I've never had it before, and it's probably a good thing! It was hard not to go back for more!

I figured I would take the opportunity while everyone was together to get some family pictures.
 Archie, Loretta, Ruthie and Sarah
 Ruthie, Ron (Ruthie's husband), Archie and Loretta
Four generations
 Nixon and Great-grandpa Archie
 Nixon and Great-grandma Loretta
 Ethan and Archie getting close for their picture
This next picture is my absolute favorite picture of Archie!! I told him to strike a post for me, and this is what I got.
Don't you wish he was your grandpa? He is seriously amazing. I love him. 

We also had the chance to visit a couple of the headstones. This first one is the parents of Archie.
This next grave was even more special. Stephanie Gale Thomas is Ethan's oldest sister. Dwayne and Sarah (Ethan's parents) were in Chicago at the time going to chiropractic school. They didn't want to bury her there, since they had no intention of living there permanently, so they decided to have her brought back to Louisiana to be buried. 
It was such an uplifting day, and it made be happy to be a part of such a great family.