Friday, May 12, 2017

31 Weeks

How sweet is this face? I'll tell you, super sweet. He has the best smile and loves when I come into his room in the mornings. His face lights up and does his big open mouth smile. He truly has the softest skin. It's so buttery. People ask me what I put on him, but the once or twice a week I bathe him, I put on Johnson's nighttime lotion. Other than that, it's all natural and I love it.

Crew is anti-snuggling and pro-wiggling. This kid will not sit still for the life of me! I'm a little nervous for our trip to Idaho this year!

Also, drumroll......... We've got a crawler! I knew he was days from crawling last week. He crawled for the first time on the 7th. He still prefers army crawling because it's faster, but he's got it down. Thank heavens though, his shirts were getting dingy from army crawling. Now his pants knees are going to be done for. Such is life, he's crawling!

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