Friday, March 24, 2017

24 Weeks

Watch out NASCAR, Crew is coming!! It seems like he was rolling around and now he is "crewsing." (I have fun with all the play on words I can do with his name.) But seriously, this kid is so fast, I can't take my eyes off of him or his in the kitchen, eating paper that I didn't even know what in his vicinity, or eating computer cords. I don't know what his draw is to them, but my heaven's, the cords!!! I'm half tempted to buy some cords, somehow finish them off on the ends, and give them as a chew toy because he could care less about actual toys. (I'm not actually going to..)

He's also finally in the crib full time! We started doing nap time in the crib because there had been a few too many close calls on our bed of him getting to the edge. He needs to be contained. It's been going pretty well. Although, there was a late night where we listened to Penatonix, Hallelujah about 10 times before I snuck out of the room. It's weird, with Nixon we would let him cry because we were in a top apartment with no side neighbors, but here, we have neighbors on both sides and above and Nixon sleeping, so we're a little more cautious of letting him cry it out (although there are definitely times we do).

I love when kids hit milestones, it makes me excited for them.

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