Friday, February 17, 2017

19 Weeks

Crew is such a good and sweet baby. I love getting him up in the mornings. His smile is contagious. He has all of us wrapped around his finger, especially his older brother. Nixon is always trying to play with him and share with him. He always wants to go talk to him before I get him from his nap too. 

He's started pulling his knees up and pushing his head against the ground. When Nixon was doing that, I was sure he would be crawling any day, but I'm a veteran mom now. I know we still have a LONG ways before that'll happen, and I'm totally ok with that. 

He's been reach and pulling at things for a while now, so I thought it was time to get him a little pull down toy for his carseat. Nixon had one, and loved it, so I bought the same one, except his is an owl instead of a frog. I was so excited to put it on his carseat and have him start playing with it, so I put it on the minute it came in the mail. 

We went to Ethan's basketball game that night and I put him in his carseat. While I was putting on my shoes, he pulled down on the leg. It started vibrating up, and he staring hysterically crying, inconsolable for almost 10 minutes! It wasn't until I tried pulling it down for him again that I realized it was the owl's fault. I wanted him to like it so much though, that I've been having him play with it while just on the floor, without it vibrating and it's paid off. He now loves the owl. 

Kids are so finicky. 

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